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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Since my last post regarding Six Finger Satellite and their new album asked so many questions, I thought someone out there might be interested to know that there are now answers. This other excellent music blog, Thee Outernet, posted up an interview with 6FS main man J.Ryan, who explains some of the mysteries I had been pondering. Here is the article.

I'm also excited to discover that they have some brand-brand-new songs (newer than the old-new "Half Control" album) up on their MySpace page, right here. The new songs sound maybe a little, "lighter?" Not in terms of psychological weight, they're still just as dark and heavy in that regard, but giving the instruments a little more room to breathe.

The band also reports that their South By Southwest shows went well, so we can safely conclude that their fans in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can expect great shows there this Friday and Saturday. (Feeling a little bad for expressing so much skepticism before.) Alright, and there's your annual dose of No-Core's "timely music news."

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