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Friday, January 30, 2009

HEAD MOLT "Police Dhajaal" C22 cassette

This is a really enjoyable tape from Virginia’s scum-noise royalty Head Molt. Enjoyable that is, if you’re into exciting and dynamic noise music.

If you’ve seen Head Molt live, you know they’re a pretty ferocious act, with lots of rolling around, screaming, basically taking cues from the Cock ESP school of noise performance. So it’s pleasantly surprising that their recordings sound so planned and well-composed. “Police Dhajaal” starts out fierce with overblown fuzz noise and shrieked, almost black-metal-style vocals (something like the style both Wolf Eyes and Hair Police now employ), but from there it moves through a nice variety of crazy sounds. A synth bass-drop sound keeps things heavy with some BOOM… BOOM… Either some post-editing went into this material, or the four credited band members showed impressive restraint and organization because often all but one sound will drop out before new noises emerge.

The b-side is more restrained, or at least less dense. It’s just as loud, but walks a razor-thin line between tense drone and piercing harshness, tipping back and forth throughout. The track ends before the side is finished and there’s a long period of silence (or sounds too quiet to be heard while listening on headphones at the Laundromat) before a brief, fierce squall of noise closes out the side. (bonus track?) The whole tape makes for a nicely paced listen and feels like a complete album, despite the 22 minute length, some of which is silence.

This would make a perfect sample and introduction to Head Molt, in my opinion one of the most exciting and consistently rewarding bands making noise today. I am always surprised by how well their recordings hold my attention and reward repeat listens. Highly recommended for fans of early Hanatarash or Gerogerigegege (Perhaps a giveaway, one of the lead Head Molters, Gary, goes by Garygegege) as well as more "song-based" Wolf Eyes. The tape is on Gary’s anti-everything label and has nice rainbow-pop-vomit cover art.

Aww shoot, it's sold out! Don't sweat it, just grab some other Head Molt release, it's all quality. I guess in that case I can tell you that the "Police Dhajaal" track is a free download at their page! Grab it now!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

awesome noise video

Ignore the comments that appear at the bottom. This video is perfect as is.