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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

International Noise Conference 2009, Miami, Feb.12-14th

I'm not even going to attempt a proper "review" of this event. Not only would it inevitably overlook the majority of amazing acts, it would almost seem to contradict the spirit of this gathering. Each year, freak-noise godfather Rat Bastard puts on this 3-day festival in his hometown of Miami. No one is charged a cent, no one is payed a cent. By design, it is a showcase of bands who love making noise and acting like freaks for the pure love of it. There are really no genre restrictions and what ties all the performers together more than anything is a shared ideology.

This year may have actually been slightly less insane than last year - but you still get to see at least 30 of the best performances you'll see all year, inside 3 days. A number of acts seem to have dropped out, including some of the heavyweights, though I didn't really notice until I'd gotten a few nights' sleep back at home and started to think things like "Weren't Sword Heaven listed originally?" Perhaps the economy is to blame? I hope they (and some others who were missed) will return next year, but there was still way, way more great stuff than any one person could hope to catch. No one catches everything, except maybe Rat.

Here are some links to some INC2009 documentation that should keep you busy.

First of all, to see (almost) all the photos I took, click on this pic of some noise kids at the beach:

noise kids at the beach, INC2009

I also took a bunch of videos and stuck them on the NO-CORE YOUTUBE HERE - but there are far more and better videos that Breathmint Records got and put on Vimeo!

Laundry Room Squelchers - live during International Noise Conference at Churchill's - Miami, FL - 02-12-2009 from Breathmint on Vimeo.

Check out the rest, seriously.

There are also some great photos on Flickr from "That Bad Larry" like this one of Head Molt killing it:

Some more great ones from "Gold Pony" like this one of Noumena:

And perhaps best of all, the dudes who do Zradio (probably the best podcast and radio show in existence right now) were there and recorded a whole bunch of acts. When they got home they assembled a 3-hour podcast of what they got, which sounds great and provides a nice cross-section of the styles. (maybe leaning a bit toward the noise-rock?) The first recording, of Undrskor, sets the mood nicely and demonstrates what happens if you choose to let Nondor be your drummer. GO HERE TO DOWNLOAD IT. Notice also that the previous episode has a bunch of recordings from the Philadelphia pre-INC show.

Got more? Add a comment and share your link!

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